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My Experiences on the Card Jocelyn Ceduna

It dropped like a bomb on our town - Annes story

First Hand Experience - Bev Walley Kununurra

Daniel Taylor's Story

Tammy Franks MP Meeting in Ceduna

Kathryn Wilkes - Hinkler

Podcast Daniel Taylor - Kununurra

Podcast Dee Pavy Interview - Ceduna

Podcast Daniel Stafford - Bundaberg

Hinkler Electorate Community Meetings Video

Paradigm Shift Interview - Kathryn Wilkes

Community Persepectives - Pas Forgione and Dee Pav

Wheeler Center: " Bottom Dollar" - Melb Conference Video

The Power to Pursuade - The Cashless Debit Card Flawed Beyond Redemption

Latest News on the Indue Card - via Cashless Debit

AUWU Indue Card Protest video

A Decade On, The Fraud of The NT Interventon Exposed - New Matilda

An Open Letter to Indue - An Australian Citizen 2017.

SNS and NO CARD Hinkler at Senate Inquiry Nov 2017

3CR Podcast Interview : Kathryn Wilkes -Hinkler(1)

3CR Podcast Inteview: Kathryn Wilkes - Hinkler (2)

3CR Podcast Interview: Kathryn Wilkes - Hinkler (3)

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Inequality in Australia 2018

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Cashless Card Trial:  A Brief Review - Dr Janet Hunt ANU

Cashless Debit Card Evaluation: Does it really prove sucess? - Dr Janet Hunt ANU

Cashless Debit Card  Overview - Professor Eva Cox OA

The Cashless Debit Card in the East Kimberley : Journal - Dr Elise Klein Melb Uni

Cashless welfare cards: controlling spending patterns to what end?  - Dr Shelly Beliefield ANU

Government mythology on income management, alcohol, addiction and Indigenous communities  - Dr Shelly Beliefield ANU

The Impact of Income  Managment on Child Protection - Samantha Parkinson SA Uni

Alternatives to Income Management - UNSW Social Policy Research

Cashless welfare card creating second class citizens - Deborah Marshall Griffith University

Cashless Welfare Transfers for 'Vulnerable' Welfare Recipients: Law, Ethics and Vulnerability - Dr Shelley Bielefeld

The Impact of Technology on the enjoyment of Human Rights for social security recipients - Dr Shelley Bielefeld

Professor Eva Cox.

Jane Caro

Dr Elise Klein 

The Say No Seven