"The only ones to negate the need, value and importance of human rights in and to a society and in the lives of other individuals, are those who have never had their own human rights removed by force. Those of us who have had this experience, those who have survived, we are the voice of experiential authority. We are the ones informed enough, educated enough; and empowered with The Right to speak first as to the costs and price of ignoring them." 

The Say No Seven is an online Facebook community consisting of over 9555 direct members from all around Australia joined together with over 12,000 members of No Cashless Debit Card Australia groups around the country to fight the rapid roll out of the Indue Ltd Cashless Card

Our #1 goal is to continue to source facts and evidence in order raise awareness of the processes and ideology driving the Indue card policy. The Indue Cashless Card is also known as the CDC/T ( cashless debit card/trial) and these terms are interchangeable on this page.

Our two year long battle for Hinkler recently ended and overall, we had some good successes along the way and a significant loss too; namely the end vote . It was heartbreaking to see that on the day, everything came down to a single vote made by this man , who's uninformed and heavily pork barrelled decision handed the Coalition a victory they did not deserve and had not earned.  This days vote has meant the roll out of this dangerous uncosted policy steeped in lies and misinformation;  a policy that has already cost lives will now inflict itself upon the good people of Hinkler Electorate, who will join Goldfields, Ceduna and Kununurra regions in the state of socio-economic apartheid.

Organisationally, The Say No Seven maintain an issues post reach of 174K ( averaging 34K per week) and 27 core group members residing in every State and Territory in Australia. We are from all walks of life, all socioeconomic backgrounds. We are independent writers,  active community members, grandparents and fathers and mothers who are joined in resistance to oppose the Coalition governments abuse of our personal, social, civil, economic and human rights via its policy of forced income management.

We are a-political in that we dont care what your job is, how much you earn, who you are or think you are or even what political sector you personally arrive from.  If you are here to help or to listen and support, then you're an SNS member fighting against the CDC and that is all that matters to us.

                Stopping the Indue Cashless Debit Card is the mission!

                You DON'T need permission to join the mission!

Please see our resource page here and our Facebook page for all the documents, reports and Senate docs we have collected,  and our videos, podcasts, radio and other information and writing by us and others, most drawn from all NO Card groups across Australia.

It is your responsibility to yourself, to actually READ THINGS and get your facts right or get fact checked, we can help with that, but we are busy people too.

Remember always, that YOUR story is YOUR biggest superpower. YOU MATTER. Begin and end there.

We use the colour purple as our groups ensign and shirt colour as it represents to us the emancipation of slaves. [ The Movie the Colour Purple]

We also wear it in respect for those who have fought the good fight before us, to honour those who have passed away during the fight as much as those who have survived, and to empower those who rise today.

If you want a team shirt or sticker for your car let us know!

Our power symbol is the RED LEFT HAND - with the word STOP!

We are JUST LIKE YOU. Just everyday regular Australians. Each of us found a niche and a secret squirrel skill we could bring to the table and tired of the lack of action by those who claim to lead us, we got active! We do what we can do with what we have, right here and now. If you can read this message, maybe you have a skill to offer too. Step up!

We are fighting for the legal economic freedom and right to choice for over 5 million people in receipt of some form of Social Security Entitlement in Australia. Itsa big task.

We plan to STOP forced income management via the INDUE LTD Cashless Debit Card and yes, we do think that is a reasonable and achievable goal!

We amplify unheard voices; we share information; we are honest in our experiences, sharing our pictures, stories and protest dates. Where we can, we pull apart news media to show hidden tactics too. We wont tell you what to think but we can sure show you how they do!

Our numbers are growing and our page reach is mighty. If you want to know more or be a part of that active online process, please do email or in-box us on our FB page. We also have a private, secure drop box and support all whistle-blowers and their testimonies and we are open to new ideas especially those backed up with personal commitment action. We are an active group, be that online or offline, this policy impacts us all -  so no bystanders!

Please remain aware the Indue Card ideology and the CDC policy as a whole has evolved over time. So some information in older videos and posts therefore may be out of date or superseded. Please DO check with us if have any updates to information we have presented before going into debate online or offline.

Know your facts, learn about the card. Get out there and stand up for the basic human rights of ALL Australians!

Great to meet you!

Welcome to the Rabble Alliance!

................................... #STOPTHECARD

The Say NO Seven acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People as the First Peoples of Australia, and traditional owners of all land and waters throughout Australia. We pay our respects to all First Nations communities and respectfully acknowledge their 13 year struggle with and against forced 3rd party income management. We support Congress Mob  and others in their call for a voice in Parliament and we stand with all RBTI groups in their fight to  repeal unjust  "intervention" legislation. Always was...always will be.